Saturday, January 28, 2012

Talking to my sis

Last night  I was busy working on my homework from my school work, and I was trying to finish it as much as I could. I thought I could but I was wrong my sister was online, and wanted to talk to me. I stopped doing my assignments and I talked to my sister. I miss my sisters and we could not talk often because I am always busy, and barely available. We talked a lot of stuff and I was very happy talking with her. She said that she was busy cooking foods and watching kids. While I was talking with her I keep thinking about my homework. It was funny but I had fun talking to my sister online. We were talking for more than an hour and I was glad to knew that they are fine (they are in the Philippines). I worked on my homework back and went to bed so late. The result, I was very sleepy when I went to work this morning. Got lucky I did not fall asleep in the car.

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