Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boots shopping

This morning when I woke up it was raining. I thought it would stop by the time I got off from work but unfortunately it rained all day. Since today is my payday I thought of going to the mall   for  boot shopping.I want to buy a new pair of boots for me because they have now are worn out. I only have one pair of boots and I bought them a couple of years ago.  I got upset when I left work today because it was still raining. I know we need the rain but why today. 

When I got home I shopped online for boots and I found some really nice ones. Like the Miz Mooz shoes are really nice and I like the way they looks, they look so comfortable and I think I could wear them even in the rain. The Miz Mooz bloom boots are really pretty. I am not really into boots but when it is wet and cold here I really need to wear them. Like today has been raining all day I should have been wearing boots to work. I did not wear any because my old boots was really bad. I cannot wear them anymore. I hope tomorrow it will stop raining so that I can go to the store to buy new boots now that I know what style of boots I want it will be easy.

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