Saturday, September 10, 2011

watching Tennis

I am watching the TV in my son’s bedroom today. I can not watch the one in the living room because my children are watching their shows in there. A few hours ago I was watching the Tennis US open between Roger Federer and Dijokovic. I thought that Federer would win but unfortunately he lost to Dijokovic. I was very sad I would like Federer to win. I have been his number one fan, Every time he has a games on TV I would not miss watching it. He is very nice and so relaxed when he is playing. Not like the other guys, they keep picking their butt to fix their underwear and very noisy on the floor. I am very sad that Federer will not be in the finals tomorrow. Both Novak Dijokovic and Federer were amazing and on their game today it is just unfortunate that one of them had to lose.

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