Sunday, September 11, 2011


Our weather here in Texas is getting better now although it is still a little hot but it is cooler than last week. Every morning it is cold and I need to wear my sweater when I go to work. Yesterday I took some of my sweaters out of the closet and washed them. I noticed that some of my sweaters are already worn out I was thinking that I need a new one. I tried on my favorite sweater the one the I bought last year but it felt a little tight on me I wonder if I may be getting bigger now.

I was thinking I might go to the mall today after work and shop for a Plus Size Sweaters for me but I never got a chance. I went to the store but not to the mall. I went to grocery shopping only and I thought that after grocery shopping I could go to the mall but I ran out of time. I was grocery shopping and little did I know it was past seven pm already. Every Sunday the mall closes at seven pm. I got upset now I am thinking that I will try to go to the mall tomorrow morning. I also need to buy a sweater for my son he needs a new one too.

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