Saturday, September 10, 2011


My son was busy looking for the speed racer car that he lost in our house. I got mad at him for checking all our drawers and cabinets for that toy. I asked him to look in the box that is full of clothes and toys that we never use anymore, because I might have accidentally put the toy in the box. He was very happy that I allowed him to do it and he went crazy. After a few minutes he told me that he makes a big mess in the bedroom and I needed to clean it up. When I checked the bedroom there was a lot of clothes and toys everywhere.

He took everything out of the box and left it on the floor. I asked my husband to help me put it all in the box and he did. My husband found a lot of dresses and he asked me why I do not wear them I told him that they are too big for me. I bought these dresses last month and never had a chance to wear them. I like to shop dresses but next time I need to make sure that they fit me before I buy them. When I go shopping I like the dress and just pay for them without trying them on first.

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