Tuesday, August 2, 2011

working my essay

I felt bad for not having an update here on my blog. I am so busy with my schooling, my work and my family. When I am home I have no time to check my stuff here. I am busy working my essay and sometimes I cannot think anymore. Last night I was thinking to drop my writing class but I realized that I paid for this class. If I have to drop I cannot get my money back and I might have to take this class again next semester. So now, I have to try my best to pass this class and get a grade A but B is fine. I am so tired of doing essay but I need to learn how to write and learn the English language better. Sometimes it is hard to write especially when I do not know the English words. Like this afternoon while I was working on my essay test and I forgot the word “inhale” . I asked my teacher and he said he cannot understand me I turned to my classmate and still he cannot understand me either. I finally asked the lady from Iraq and she told me it was inhale. It was funny. My essay was about smoking cigarettes and I do not know why I forgot the word inhale.

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