Monday, November 1, 2010

Very Busy Yesterday

Yesterday we were so busy here because of the Trick or Treat. My friend and I took our children to the church close to our homes because they had games, candies and free foods. We really did not care about the free food we only wanted our children to have fun and they really did. Their pumpkin basket was almost full of candies when we left the church after the church we went to my friend’s house so the boys could go trick or treating in their neighborhood. It was really a busy day for us yesterday and since my husband was working yesterday there was nobody to give out candies at our house and I felt sorry for the kids knocking to our door. Anyway, while we were at the church they had games that when you played you would get candies but my daughter Bella did not want to play so when Beth played and got her candies Bella was behind her picking up candies too. It was funny and cute.

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