Friday, November 5, 2010

Trying to fix it

My husband has a Suburban truck that he does not drive anymore it has been more than two years since he last drove it because it needs a lot of work on it and plus it consume a lot of gas. Gas cost too much already and he can not afford to drive it every day to work that is one reason that he stopped driving it. I keep telling him to sale it and give the money to me but he said he better fix it and use it as a family car.

I like the tuck because it is so big and a lot of room in it for the whole family but it is old already. Lately he was trying to fix it again and he even changed a new gas tank and gas pump but last month the city found out that the registration was already expired. I was upset because he has to register it again but before that he needs to get insurance for it. I told him to find an affordable car insurance that we can afford and it is more bills for us to pay again. Until now he never gets a chance to look for insurance because always busy at work but he is hoping that our recent insurance will give him discount auto insurance.

I hope so because if not I have to stretch my budget again every month.

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