Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vegan friendly pie for my brother

Guest post written by Erin Flannigan

My brother is always changing his mind and trying all kinds of new things. So when he told me two years ago that he was going vegan, I gave him just a few months before he would break down and eat a cheese burger, but he really has stuck with it. I'm really proud of him and told him that this year for Thanksgiving I would find some tasty options for him to eat.

I've been doing some heavy reseraching on vegan friendly food blogs with my Clearwire Internet and have found some great stuff that I think he and everyone else will love.

He really loves sweets, so I'm excited about this vegan lemon pie that I'm going to make for him. I think I may make one for myself to try out a few days before Thanksgiving just for the fun of it. IÕm also going to make him this vegan mushroom dressing that I think is going to be really good too and a replacement for regular old dressing.

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