Thursday, October 21, 2010

He had a new Haircut

Earlier today we went to the library to returned the movies that my son watched and borrowed more movies again. Right after there I was planning us to go home I have no plan to go anywhere and I never even bring my purse with me but when I was on our way to home I noticed that the barber shop were my son always had a haircut was no customer so I dropped by. I asked the lady if she can cut my son haircut and I will pay her tomorrow and I was glad she said yes. I do not like to wait for few hours for him to have a haircut and every time we go to the barber my daughters are always with us so it is hard. Most of the time before my so get his haircut his sisters would start crying already. Today was good but I told the lady that I would sure to come back and pay her tomorrow.

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