Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Farming a Halloween crop

Guest post written by Samantha Landers

I grew up on a farm with horses and cows and my daughter just loves going and visiting my parents and riding horses. But we live in a city so it's hard to get there often, but my daughter always says that she wishes that she grew up on a farm like me. So for Halloween this year she's going to dress up like a farmer.

I thought that it was a cute idea so I was even happier to help her find some stuff to wear. I told her that she defininitely needed to have a pair of overalls to wear so I started looking onlien for a pair for her. When I was looking for those I happened to run across and decided to switch over to the new internet service.

WHile I was doing all of that I actually found an overalls jumper that was overalls but just with a skirt on the bottom. I thought that would be a really cute girly twist on a farmer costume.

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