Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weird Story

The other day while I was at work I was talking to my co-worker and she asked me if I wanted to hear a weird story and I said yes. She is three months pregnant now with her first child and she is very excited about it. She told me that her husband and she were planning to go on vacation this coming Halloween I know it is still a month away but she wants to get ready for it. She said that she ordered a Halloween costumes online and the packaged arrived last week. When she opened it there was a baby costume included in the package she said it was weird because she never order a baby costumes.

It was really weird and she said that she is going to keep it for her baby to wear next year. When I asked her what site she was using to shop she said that she always uses to find the right store to shop. It is not easy to buy online there are a lot of online store and you never know which store where you can get the best deal.

I think when I shop for my children’s costumes I want to shop online I have to make sure to go to first to find a store. is in Europe now in France, Germany and some other European country.

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