Saturday, September 4, 2010

It scared me

This afternoon while I was driving home from work on the highway the traffic was running smoothly. I always trying to pay attention to all the cars on the road even though sometimes I am sleepy. While I was almost at my exit a truck from the left lane was changing unto my lane and I never see him use his signal. I am always aware that some driver just change lane without bothering to use their signal but today he wants to changed lane with my car beside him. I was stunned I turned my wheels to the right to avoid being hit. I was glad that there was no one on my right side if there was I would have had a wreck. It scared me and I think it was another lesson. Next time I am driving I need to pay more attention on the roads both the left and right lane I was just glad that there was no accident today. Aside from that, the speed limit is 60 mph and I always drive 60 or 65 but most of the driver keep passing me still they do not bother to slow down. They only slow down when they see a police car on the road.

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