Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Read and Ride

I asked my son to turn off his computer and start his reading homework and right away he was mad at me. I told him if he does not do as he was told I would turn off the computer and he could not come back and watch videos on you tube and he started trying to cry. I said no and he better start doing his reading and writing practice so that he could get back on the computer and he still said no. after a few minutes he started to do his reading and writing. I told him that his teacher told me that he needs to read and write everyday for practice. I think he is more afraid of his teacher than he is of me but I do not want him to be afraid of me I am his mama but I do not want him to say no to me either. His teacher never told me anything but I want him to read and write every night before he goes to bed. Sometimes he does it with out arguing with me but when he likes the video he is watching he does not want to get up. He likes watching Superman, Spiderman, and Batman cartoons. He likes super heroes.

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