Friday, September 3, 2010

Life in the Left Lane

Posted by Arden Wallace

The preponderance of American pop culture staples, at home and abroad, often leads us to forget that there are other countries out there with a lot to offer, especially when it comes to educational TV programming. One channel, in particular, comes to mind when I hear friends tell me they're tired of watching the same old junk: BBC America. Watch it, love it. I watch it on satellite tv from, and I encourage you to get it however you can.

BBC America offers programming that most Americans--myself included--already enjoy on American stations such as Discovery channel, History channel, etc. BBCA's educational programming includes my favorite show of all: Top Gear. Maybe a show about cars and car enthusiasts stretches the definition of "educational" just a smidge, but there really is a good deal to learn. Trust me on this one.

I would be remiss, of course, to keep silent about BBC Earth, perhaps the best-known and most truly educational show. The series, which originally aired in 2006, can easily be found at your local Wal-Mart as well as Borders Bookstores, among many others.

It is my hope that stars like Gordon Ramsay will draw more viewers to BBCA and its terrific programming. Programming that's just familiar enough to appeal to a wide audience, and just different enough to make it worth watching over other channels.

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