Thursday, September 30, 2010

I know I can

I really have to go to college because I just got approved for financial aid. I am so happy and so are all my friends around me even my manager at work. She said that if I do not go to school next year she will take me there and drop me off at the school. She knows about my plans and she knows that I am confused about it I really do not trust myself but they keep telling me that I can do it and perhaps if I try I will not lose anything. My husband is so supportive of me the only problem is me. I know that I can do it but I am just afraid to try. I need more courage but now that I am already approved I have no choice but to go to college and hopefully I really can do it. I know I can, I know I can!

1 comment:

  1. Swela oy, arun sweto...ako gani plan pud ko eskwela nxt year...ambot sad unsa akong estudyuhan nga human na man kog AB English ug AB Mass Comm...