Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not Enough

This afternoon I wanted to go to the library with my children. I just want them to get out the house even though I do not want to go out because I was so tired from work and it is so hot outside but my children need to be out of the house sometimes. I wanted to return the books that I borrowed for them and plan to borrow more but my son had another plan. He wanted to go to Charles house and play with him so that was what we did we just dropped off the books and then we went to Charles house. We stayed there for almost two hours before we went home. My son said it was not enough and wanted to stay for a few more minutes but I said no. You know there is not enough time when it comes for them to play even if they are hungry they do not want to eat as long as they are playing if they could they would rather play than sleep.

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