Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am okay

So tired from work today but I am okay. I just feel not good and some of the people at work are not good I do not know why. I was just lucky that I worked now in the other area and I liked it I am away from the people that I do not like and I do not have to deal with them everyday. I think some people are just crazy and they are not happy when they go home and so they are not happy when they are at work but it is not my problem I do not care with them anyway. I do not like my work but you know it is a job and their are so many people right now with out a job so I tried to do my work as I can. They said that, work no good but when you have no job it is worst. I can not imagine myself with out work I do not know how to pay bills. That is why even I am so tired already with my job but it is job so I have to work for it until I can get another one.

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