Friday, August 6, 2010

Miss doing it

It is been a long time since I did any dropping on entrecard and I miss doing it. I either have no time or I am just feel lazy and now I do not have any visitors to my blog so my rr are so high that is why I do not have any opps from ss. I am worried that my rr was so high. I do not like it that I do not have any opps it is just not right. How can I save money for my plans if I do not have any opps. So today I started dropping my cards I hope that I will have more visitors again. I will have to do this again every day maybe for few minutes when I can I will try my best I really need some traffic to get more opps from this blog and I missed reading some blogs that I used to visit before. From now on you will see me in your ec inbox as a regular dropper.


  1. may PR1 kapa naman so that should not make you worry that much. smile!

  2. Same here Jul, sisnce I stopped using ec akong Alexa rank and RR sa other blog went high. mao nga adgitize nlng ko, ky daghan virus sa entrecard. I dropped ec ug mag adgi ko