Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get Tired

I always have a problem with our window blinds in our house because my daughters are always looking out the window and tearing up the blinds. The other day my husband pulled the blinds off the window in my son’s bedroom because it looked very bad already even the curtain rod was broken so the window looks naked now I tried to hang the curtains without any rod just to keep the window covered at night. In our living room the window blinds are starting to look bad too I think it is because of my daughters are always playing hide and seek and hiding behind the blinds and I get mad at them but what can I do they like playing there. I get tired telling them not play there but they will not listen to me. I really want to buy new window blinds to replace our old ones I think the roller blinds would look good in our house and my daughters could not tear them up because I could roll them up out of their reach. Hopefully I can save enough money soon because I plan to buy them before the end of this year. I have so many plans for my house and can not do it all at one time I will have to wait.

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