Thursday, July 8, 2010

Working at last

Last night I talked on my other blog about my husband’s cell phone how it would not make and receive calls. We both have prepaid phones from Net 10 and we liked them because we are not really making a lot of call and they save us money. Yesterday he was wondering why his cell phone was suddenly deactivated so this morning he said he tried to call Net 10 but he ran out of time and had to go to work without his phone. So this afternoon after I got home from work I called the provider and at first I was talking to a man which I could hardly understand his English and after few minutes of talking to him he said the phone was working but when I checked it was still not working. So I called again and I talked to a woman and could not understand her very well either but she was good and tried her best to understand me also. I think I was talking to her for almost an hour until she finally resolves the problem of my husband’s phone. I do not know what happened to his phone while mine is working well. My husband needs his phone at work and for him to go to work with out it, I think was killing him.

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