Friday, July 9, 2010

Now no more

Yesterday while I was eating my lunch in the cafeteria at work I noticed that the old man I like talking with while I ate my lunch was not around. I realized that I had not seen him for few days so I asked my supervisor about him and he said that he did not work there anymore. I asked why and he said he did not know. Every morning that I worked he was there, he liked talking to me he was a nice man and he kept calling me his girlfriend. He told me that 60 years ago while he was in the Military in Japan he had a Japanese girlfriend that looked like me. When he told me that I was like then how old are you now? I never asked his age, he told me that in the month of May he and his wife celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. I was impressed with him and he was a funny man now I will not see him anymore in the morning. I do not know what happened to him I hope he is okay. Every morning he would say to me “nice to see you again” and now no more.

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