Thursday, July 1, 2010

Went to Library

This afternoon my son did not want to go to the library because he was playing on the computer but I got him to go with us. There was a magician who performing at the library and I wanted them to see him. I was glad that we went because they all had fun and they enjoyed the show. The magician was so funny and everybody was laughing, there were a lot of children there with their parents. After the library we went to Kroger to buy milk for my babies and while we were in the store my daughter Beth started screaming and crying. He was so sleepy and she wants me to carry her and you know she is heavy and I can not carry her longer while was pushing the buggy with my stuff and my other daughter. Beth do not want to sit down in the buggy so I carried her to stop crying. We never stay longer is the store it was hard to shop with one baby crying and it was about to rain so we went home right away.

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