Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slower every day

My lap top is getting slower and slower every day and it makes me upset every time I use it. I have no choice I need to use the computer every day for my opps or else I will not make any money here. We have a Pc in my son’s room but I do not like using it for my task besides my husband and my son owns that computer not me. They are using it most of the time when my husband is at work my son is on it and when my son not around my husband uses it and even if both of them are not around I do not like to use it. I like my laptop but now I do not like to use it anymore. I told my husband that I think I need to have a new laptop and he said not yet. He said he will try to fix it. I can not wait I will go to the store and purchase a new one or maybe I will save money for a new one from my blogging.

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