Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crazy About Me

I am tired of standing and at my job I have to stand almost eight hours a day standing and walking. I expect to come home and sit down on the couch. I like to sit down while I am using my computer, I like to sit down while I am eating but it seldom happens. Every time my daughters sees me sitting down they come over and sit my lap and they will fight to see who will sit on mama first. So imagine me trying to eat or do any of my tasks on my computer and with two children on my lap. That is why when they are around and I want to eat I better be standing not sitting because I can not eat and hold them at the same time and when I am on the computer I can not sit because I can not type. It is better if I am standing than sitting. I can stand only when I do nothing just watch TV or play with them. When I vacuum you will see me with one of my daughter on my back getting a ride. I think they are crazy about me.

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