Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wish her Good Luck

A few minutes ago I was texting my sister who is in Surigao she said that she will go to Manila tonight. She is trying to get a job outside the Philippines I am worried about her but she really want to go abroad. She said that her agency called her last night and she needs to go back to manila they are scheduled to go to Riyadh by the 30th and she is waiting for me to send her a money to pay the fee to the agency. I never got a chance to go to the bank today and get money to send her so I told her that tomorrow after work I would send it to her. Before she was trying to get a job overseas she was working for the hospital in our town I do not know why she changed her mind and quit there. She thinks that working overseas is good for her I hope so. I wish her good luck and hope she will be alright in Riyadh.

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