Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just glad

I have something to share I have this new manager at work she is a petite girl with cute curly hair and brown complexion. I am not always talking to her because she is the manager so we only say hi or hello all the time. Sometimes we say good morning and bye and that’s about it. We really do not talk to each other but I am always talking to some of the other workers and they know that I am a Filipina. I thought that my new manager was half white and half black and she looks nice too. The other day she approached me and said “hi Juliet I never thought that you were from the Philippines? We were talking and I found out that her mom is a Filipina and her dad is Caucasian man. She showed to me her family picture and it looks like she has a nice family. That is why she is petite because her mom is small like me she said. She has never been to the Philippines but she plans to go visit next year for her parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. She wants her parents to go back and see to the place where they got married she is excited about their plans. Now that’s all I can share. Just glad to know about her.

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