Monday, July 12, 2010

Shoe Rack

For few weeks now I have been looking for a shoe rack for our shoes. I am just tired seeing our shoes every where and in the closet. We already have one that hangs on the door but now that my children have a lot of shoes so there is no room on the door. Last weekend I went to Walmart but could not find one that I liked so I went to other stores to look but they did not have any. So this morning I went to Target and I was looking around and I could not find any shoe racks so I asked the man working there but he could not understand me. I told him shoe rack but he did not understand what I was saying. I told him many times until finally he said ah shoe rack. He showed me the shoe racks there were many styles and I choose the small one that I liked. I was very happy that I bought it I hope I will not see all our shoes every where again.

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