Sunday, July 18, 2010

scared at Celebration Station

Yesterday my son was invited to a birthday party of his classmate that was held at the Celebration Station. I have never been there before and my plan was to just bring him there and for my daughters stays home with their aunt but at the last minute I changed my mind I took them all there instead. When we were at the Station there were a lot of people there and it was very noisy my daughters were scared at first. They did not want to walk. My son was with the birthday party while we were trying to get food to eat in the restaurant. The food was very expensive but we were hungry so we bought food for us. After the party my son came back to me but he still wanted to play. I bought tokens for him and he was playing for 30 more minutes and my daughters were playing some of the games there too. They were not scared anymore but I had no plans to go back there again. If my son wants to play I will take him to Chuckee Cheese instead it is better there.

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