Thursday, July 29, 2010

Car Broke down

After work this afternoon I went to the tax office to pay the renewal registration for my husband’s truck because it will be due tomorrow. I was in a hurry because I asked my husbands cousin to stay home with my children for a few minutes while I was gone. I was in my car and trying to start it but it never started again. I tried many times and it was still the same. This is what had happened to me yesterday while I was in Kroger my car would not started but after a few minutes it starts. Today it never started so I started walking home and left my car in the parking lot. It was just lucky that it was only me if my children were with me I could not walk home. It is very hot outside too and it is not good for me or anybody to walk in 100 degrees temperature but only for few minutes walking is okay. My husbands nephew will changed the battery of my car tonight when he came home from work so hopefully it will never happened again.

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