Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Summer Safety Tips For Kids In Your Home

Contribution by Jonathan Mcmillan

Summer time is always a stressful time in my home. We always worry about the safety of our boys and who will watch them during the day while we are at work. My oldest is now 16 and very responsible. He can very well take care of himself, but his younger brother who is 14, well that is a totally different story. We just never feel safe leaving both the boys at home alone. It was just the fear of someone intruding into the home and the boys not knowing how to handle themselves.

My husband decided a couple of weeks ago that we should go ahead and invest in a security alarms system, and it has completely changed our lives. Call it being overly protective, but I am 100percent more at ease with having them home alone.

I can tell the boys are even more at ease at being left home alone, they tried to put up a big front as if they were little soldier men. But, a mother knows her children and I can tell they feel a lot safe.

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