Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stopping Vandalism

Blog post written by guest writer Kristi Staub

Recently we had a lot of vandalism occur in our neighborhood. To help out with this problem, we started a neighborhood watch program. It has made my family feel a lot safer about our home. We have certain people that will take a walk in the evening and check the area extra. We also have requested a little bit of extra patrol from a police officer who lives in our neighborhood. This has really seemed to help a lot. No vandalism has occurred in our neighborhood since we started doing this watch.

I wanted to make my home feel safer also so I did a few things. We recently installed a home security system. I like knowing that I have this extra security at my house. We also got a large dog. He is very sweet and stays in the backyard. I know he would protect us though if we ever needed it. The only other thing we did was added a few motion lights outside. These are nice to have on your home as well. I feel a lot safer now that we have done these extra measures to protect our home.

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