Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No talent

A few minutes ago I was watching America’s got talent; I was put to tears at the end of the show. I was just emotional I do not know why I was like this. I think it is because I am jealous of people who have talent; I wonder why I do not have any. I like to listen to music but I do not know how to sing but I will sing in the church sometimes. I like to dance but I do not know how to dance. I like to play guitar or piano but I do not know how to make music from them. I like to watch sports any sports but I do not know how to play sports. I like to eat but I do not know how to cook I only know how to sleep. I really do not have any talent but one of my friends told me that blogging is my talent is that true? The advisor said that a lot of people wants to blog but do not know how to blog so is that my talent? Hmm, I do not know what do you think?

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