Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rondo the Guardian

Written by guest blogger Marshall James.

When I was a teenager, I remember one night a man tried to break into our house through a window in our den. It scared me pretty badly, and maybe has lead to the paranoia I feel today. I am a single woman who lives alone, and it can be unsettling at times. To help give me some peace of mind, I installed a California adt alarm, and I have a Boxer named Rondo. They are beautiful dogs and are very friendly, but they also have a very protective nature and look fierce. He sleeps at the foot of my bed, and really gives me a great peace of mind. I did put up a "Beware of Dog" sign, because I know that can deter a lot of people from even thinking of trying to break in. Many people have a natural fear of dogs, so it works out well for me. Besides my dog and security system, I also keep a Taser in my bedroom. If the alarm and Rondo can't stop the intruder, then I think that 200,000 volts of electricity will probably do the trick. The Taser is also loud when activated, so just by turning it on, an intruder realizing that they could be shocked with the device, will probably lead to a quick retreat. These methods have kept me safe so far, and I think they will help avoid the potential situation from ever occurring!

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