Monday, May 24, 2010

Went to Kohl’s

This morning my friend and I were running some errands before we came home we went to Kohl’s. I have not been there since last year because I do not like to shop there. I like their blouses and shoes and I wanted to buy a new pair of shoes so we stopped by. They had a lot of blouses on sale and I went crazy trying them on to find the one I would buy. I tried on blouses until I found some that I like. I was shopping the items that were 60% off so I got them a little cheaper. I was looking for shoes on that were on clearance but I could not find anything that was comfortable. I bought new pair of Nike that I like it. They were not cheap but I like them and they are comfortable. I think it is been four years since I bought myself a new pair of rubber shoes and I am still wearing them. I was happy that I finally bought a new pair today. I really do not like to spend money for me but today I had to.

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