Saturday, May 22, 2010

An enjoyable time

NOTE! this is a guest post.

My husband and I needed time out to visit with each other without the phone ringing.Before we left, we turned off the lights, checked the doors and set the Adt Security alarm.

We chose to go to Rib Crib in the next small town from us. We do not have one here. We were greeted as soon as we walked in and were seated within 5 minutes. The waitress was calm and friendly, even though they were really busy. We ordered sweet, iced tea. The waitress had to come back twice, as we were not ready to order the first time she came. We ordered their super spud with extra chopped brisket, which we split. My husband also enjoyed a salad, which he ate before out meal came. Our meal came in a reasonable amount of time and was tasty. The waitress refilled our glasses. When she came the third time, I requested she not top off my tea, as I see no reason to waste.

We lingered over our meal and visited without feeling rushed. When the waitess brought the bill in a black check or card holder, the bill was less than twenty dollars. My husband put a twenty in the holder and the waitess left to get our change. The service was good so we tipped about twenty percent. We enjoyed our after dinner mint and left full, but not miserable. We had a pleasant drive home.

Sent in by my friend Wendy Baker

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