Saturday, May 1, 2010

Playing and running

This afternoon I was lying on our couch trying to take a nap but my son wanted to go to Mc Donald’s. Every time I am off from work he wants us to go out. He never stops bugging me so I got up and packed all of them into the car. I took them to the big Mc Donald’s that is close to our house it was the first time for my daughters to go there. They went crazy playing and running in the playing room while I was busy eating and watching them. They were very happy that I took them there and my son would not stop climbing the play house and slides but when it was time for us to leave Elizabeth started crying and screaming she did not want to leave yet she wanted to play and I can not blame her. She was having fun but we needed to go to Walmart for groceries and they had already played for almost an hour so it was enough time.


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  2. I can imagine how happy the girls were, Juliet :-); miss them; hope we can get together again next time!