Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kansas City offers more than Royals baseball, thank goodness

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Thanks to my limited resources, the summer doesn’t include all that much travel for me. For the most part my big splurge of the travel season is the annual trip down to Kansas City to check out the Royals at Kaufmann Stadium. No the Royals aren’t very good anymore, but I am a diehard fan from watching them on TV back in the Bo Jackson, George Brett, Danny Tartabull days when they were actually winning more games than they were losing. My mom, of all people first got me started back in those days checking out the Royals, and nowadays it is simply a little trip I take myself.

Of course going by myself isn’t the only thing that has changed since my childhood. I still remember my mom and I driving all over creation trying to find the hotel and the stadium, taking one wrong turn or another and after asking directions from the seventh person always being told the same thing, “You can’t miss it.” These days I use my 4G internet connection to use Mapquest or some other mapping type program to plan my trip ahead of time and make sure I know exactly the routes I want to take to the ballpark, the hotel and any other shopping or dining establishments in the city.

Downtown Kansas City still has one of the coolest shopping plazas in the Midwest and it is not a real trip to Kansas City without spending a few hours, or days checking out all the high end shops lined up one against the other.

It also wouldn’t be a trip to KC without checking out one, two, or twenty of their best barbeque joints and chowing down on their special sauces. I like to think that I was introduced to BBQ down in Kansas City, even if that isn’t the case. It just makes for a nice story. I still wish I could actually take in a winning Royals team; it seems like ages since they had one, but at least I can have fun and make the most of my annual pilgrimage down to one of the best baseball towns around.

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