Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have a new phone

Yesterday my new cell phone that my husband orders online arrived. I like my new phone from LG because there is camera on it and it is better than my old cell phone. The new one is not an expensive phone actually it was the cheapest phone we could buy online. I am just glad that I finally got rid my old one but my son said he would keep it. My husband and I both have prepaid phone because we are tired of the monthly plans we had before. They cost too much for us and the minutes we had for our plans we did not use all of them because we do not make a lot of calls. So after we were done with our two years contract we never renewed it. Now we are satisfied with our prepaid phones and no more monthly bills. By the way, my husband told me that he wanted to order a new phone with a camera in it for him self. Well, it is up to him.

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