Friday, April 9, 2010

Off from work

Tomorrow I am off from work and I am happy because it is Saturday and there is no school so I can stay in bed late. My son already made an appointment with me. We will go to “Toy’s r us” because he wants to buy a Wall-E toy. I told him that we will see if I have money left to spend for him a toy. He is crazy about Wall-E lately and he has been watching the Wall-E movie over and over again everyday. I do not even know how many times he has watched it today. A few minutes ago I told him to please stop the movie and he said no because he likes it. He never paid attention to that movie when I first bought the DVD until he saw the video on you tube. Now he will not stop watching it and it makes me crazy. Anyways, I plan to go to the beauty parlor tomorrow to have my hair cut. I have been thinking about this for a few weeks but I never got a chance to go. Hopefully tomorrow I can make it because I hate my long hair now.

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