Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no guts

Today is the first time that I have driven a long way to work. Usually I ride with my brother in law because we worked for the same company. But today my brother in law was off so I had to drive by my self. It was a 45 minutes drive for me and I felt sleepy while driving. I wish I could drive on the freeway but I am still scared to. If it was on the freeway it is only a 20 minute drive. But I am afraid to drive on the freeways especially when I see a lot of cars speeding by me. Although my friends keep telling me it is very easy on the freeway I just have no guts to try. I do not know when I can get the courage to go drive on the highway.

1 comment:

  1. hahhaha...parehas ta mami Ju...I am still scared driving on the freeway...mas prefer pako sa local mag drive....lol!