Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I miss them

This week I do not have to work. I resigned from my job where I have worked for almost five years as a custodian in one of the middle school. I did not want to quit because I like most of the teachers in my area but I had to. I have been staying home for two days now and I miss my co -workers and some of the teachers. I never told them that Monday was my last day of work I know that right now they looking for me. I did not want them to know about my plans because I do not like it when they will say bye to me and tell me how much they will miss me I do not want to cry. Next week I start my new job where I work morning and that is the reason why I quit my job in the school. My supervisor does not want me to go but she understands. Hopefully I will like my next job and the people there will be nice to me like in the school.


  1. Good luck on your new job ; ). hopefully the new job can give you the satisfaction that you need. xoxo