Saturday, February 20, 2010

Got Bit by her Dog

This afternoon my friend and her daughter came by to visit us and she brought her cute little dog with her. My children were happy to see the dog since we do not have a dog. They were playing with the dog for few minutes until they left. I even asked my friend to give us the dog and she said she will think about it. Her dog is so cute and very quite I never even hear her barking while they were here. She wants to give her dog away because they have a new dog but few hours ago she called me she said that she gave the dog to her other friend. I felt sad but it is okay I was also a little bit confused about having a dog right now. Another friend called me few hours ago and told me that she got bit by her dog and that scares me. She said that she went to the doctor for a shot because of the bite and she said she was not feeling well after the bites. Now I have to think many times before getting a dog.

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