Saturday, February 13, 2010

Power Outage

We had a power outage here Friday morning and we are all cold here in our house. Yesterday I stayed at my mother in laws house with my children the whole day while my husband was at work. We were hoping that by the time he was off from work the power would be back but it was not. We decided to sleep at a hotel but all the hotels were fully booked. So we went home and slept in a cold house. I was very sad because I can not even make a hot water for my coffee because we have an electric stove. So we really can not do anything but sleep and try to stay warm covered with a lot of blankets. My husband thought the power outage would last longer so he went to the store and bought a generator to use for the heater. It was so expensive but he did not want his children to be cold so he bought it anyway because we were not sure when the power would be back on. At 7pm the power is finally back and we are all happy and I can get back to my blogging. I missed doing it for one day.

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  1. Lisud jud diri lung naa power outage no ky naka depend tanan intawn sa korente. Dili preha sa ato nga mabuhi bisag mag kandila ra.