Tuesday, December 22, 2009

went on a date

Last night my husband and I went on a date only the two of us without our children. Because last night his company had a Christmas party at one of the country club in Dallas and there were no kids allowed. We both had fun; the food was buffet style so we ate a lot until we were very full. They had door prizes but we did not win and they had an employee of the year award but my husband who was one of the candidates did not win. I was a little disappointed I thought I would have more money to spend for my shopping. But it was okay you really can not expect to be the winner of a prize. I meet two Filipinos there who also work at the club and I meet a nice couple from Europe. We chit chatted for a few hours until we parted ways at 10pm. It was late when we came home. They also had a disco there; it was fun to watch the people dancing it remind me of the “Discohan” back home. My husband and I were glad to get out the house without our babies although we are prepared if they have a family Christmas party next year instead.

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