Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not sad

This afternoon I looked in our closet to get my old winter clothes. They are the clothes that I wore before having my twins. When I checked them I noticed that most of my clothes were size small and medium even my coat was small there is no large size. I am not sad but I can not believe how big I am now. I already lost some of the baby weight now but when I tried to put some of them they were a little tight on me especially around my belly. Most of the clothes that I am wearing now are all large and even my old jeans are all tight so I will need to buy some new ones. It is difficult when you put on weight because you need to buy new clothes. I hate buying pants here because I am small and it is hard to find pants that fit on me. I need to cut the pants legs and sew them up. It is hard if you are short sigh!

1 comment:

  1. hahhaha...parehas rata ug problem mami ju...sos tawon...akong mga kilid dagko na...d na jud mosigo akong mga sinena..ako nalang ni isave for!