Saturday, December 19, 2009

Maybe next time

This morning I woke up early because my friend and I had plans. Actually every other Saturday morning we do some work for few hours. She told me that by 8 am we need to leave the house but unfortunately by 9 she had not shown up. I called her cell phone but she never answer so I called her home phone but nobody answer. After a few minutes she called me back and she said that she could not go because her son was sick. I was upset and wondered why she never called me earlier I could have gone back to sleep instead of waiting for her. But I understand she is always busy with her family because I am too. I never said anything to her because she already told me her reason. Maybe next time I will tell her to call me when she is on her way to pick me up. On the other hand I was glad we did not go because it gave me a chance to spent time with my son. We went shopping and I bought him a new sweater with a hood on it that he liked.

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