Sunday, November 29, 2009

It was my fault

This morning I went grocery shopping at Walmart with my son and my friend. I was in a hurry because my husband needed to go to work at noon. While we were at the register my son asked me to buy him a happy meal. I hurried up to go to mc Donald to get him his Happy Meal but when we are got home I noticed that a couple of things were missing from my grocery bags. I checked the car and the bed rooms maybe my children took the things but they were nowhere to be found. I called my friend and asked if she mistakenly took my bag but she did not take it. I checked the receipt to make sure I paid for the stuff and I had paid for them. So I called my husband who was at work and he told me to call the Walmart to see if anyone had turned in my things. But I was busy here at home and I forgot to call the store. I lost my stuff but if I get a chance I will go back tomorrow but if my bag is not there then I will just have to learn from the experience. Next time I will check every bag at the register to make sure I have all my stuff I bought. It was my fault because I was in a hurry.

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  1. oi, kasayang sa imong mga pinalit Ju kung di to nimo mahanap ugma...maayo unta kung nahibilin lang sa counter, am sure ibalik to nila...