Monday, November 30, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

This is the first time I enter meme or any meme. I said I would give this a try since I like the color yellow too and it is easy to do. I am looking for pictures here on my documents that have yellow in them and I found some.

This one my son posed in a NASCAR at the Texas State fair three years ago.

These candies are from Halloween



  1. Nice photos, Thanks for sharing. Is your son a fan of supercars? The chocs are tempting.
    Check out my strange sunflowers

  2. Hi jul.. we have the same MLM post? God bless you. visit your brod..

  3. Mura man tag iya sa yellow nga sports car imung anak jul, hehehe. kadaghan sa chocolate, mura lami gani na.

  4. nice car! weeeh I hope to own one lol

  5. Chocolate ray ako Ju, pwede man guro na fed-ex hehehe.

    maayo kay apil ka na aning MYM meme Ju..hehe

    TY sa comment...hehe