Friday, November 27, 2009

Shopping very early

This morning my friends and I went shopping very early for the black Friday sales. We were at the store by around 5:30 and we are already late. The parking lot was already full of cars and a lot of people were waiting at the register. We stayed in the mall for hours looking at all the sales. We really never bought a lot because we did not have a lot of money to spend. I bought myself a nice pair of sandals and I hope to wear them a lot because I really like the style and they are so comfortable. I also bought shoes for my son and he likes them he started wearing them right away. And we found Ralph Lauren pillows in Macy’s for only $6.99 each and it was a good price and a good pillow so I bought 3 of them. My friends bought 5 pillows each. We were all having fun shopping early in the morning and as always it is nice to go shopping with my friends even though we were all very sleepy.


  1. hahaha..nganong black friday man ang tawag, dapat green friday kay youre spending money on that day nya color sa money diha ay green...nyahaha.

    bitaw lami man jud ng suroy suroy pod with friends oi. hehe

  2. hoyyyyyy ka sosyalan oi mat-an man jud sayo ang shopping. maayo paka jul oi kay pa shopping shopping lang. kami ani hinugtanay jud sa bakos ambot ug kanos-a pani mahuman amo kalaki dri. nice deal jud pud noon worthy pud ang katugaw sa katulog.

  3. Sus shopping galore d i ka jul, maayo paka.